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Latest Updates

        Aafco real estate and its team had provided various successful projects to real estate development. Aafco is one of the most promising company of central India, while targeting rural India initially shown its presence in Vidisha, Ganj Basoda, Gulab Ganj, Sironj, Lateri etc.

We believe in providing best services to our customer guests. We intent to provide developed colonies that would include advancements and comforts to give a better lifestyle to people. Aafco promises to not only give a better lifestyle, but a better environment along with many more commercial projects which will always keep working for the betterment of society and world with updating technology and potential manpower.


Providing such developed township which is affordable for society also with leisure, advancement and comforts to give a better lifestyle considering natural atmosphere and climate.


1.    To became a listed company in next five years.

2.    Create a great brand image by providing ten thousand affordable houses in next five years.

Board of Directors

Mr. Abdul Hakeem Mansoori (Managing Director)

Mr. Athar Qureshi (Director & Finance Head)

Mr. Vivek Agrawal (Director & HR Head)

Mr. Qayum Mansoori (Director & CEO)

Management Team

Mr. Kapil Shrivastava (COO )

Mr. Naved Qureshi (Chief Executive Marketing)

Mr. Amit Kushwaha (Chief Executive IT & Account)

Mr. Yogesh Rajoriya (Chief Executive Development)

Mr. Mahendra Raghuwanshi(Chief Executive Administration)

Mr. Prithvi Singh Raghuwanshi (Chief Executive Legal Advisor)




Dream City, Ganj basoda

Aafco Green City, Gulab Ganj

Aafco Green Valley, Ganj Basoda

Aafco Green Park, Ganj Basoda

Aafco Shrijeepuram, Lateri

Aafco Paradise, Sironj

 Aafco Green Valley, Lateri 

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